It’s worth it.

Whoever said traveling is easy, has never traveled. Whoever thinks it’s the same as vacationing, you’re wrong. Traveling is HARD WORK! Solo travel, even harder! It’s hard to plan far in advance because your plans may change depending on a million and one details – places you like and don’t like, people you meet along the way, unexpected weather, budget issues and so on. It’s hard to guarantee spaces on tours, buses and other planned events last minute. It’s hard to budget your savings for a long time period. It’s hard making every decision all day, every day. It’s hard to be away from your family and friends for long periods of time. It’s hard to have people telling you to “relax, you’re on vacation” when nothing seems to be working out. It’s hard to sleep with a random guy snoring in the bunk beneath you. It’s hard to feel clean while always needing to wear shower shoes and sleeping on sheets you know 18362820 people have already used. It’s hard to keep up with social media. It’s hard feeling disconnected with your “real life”. It’s hard feeling like you are being forgotten. It’s hard to stay healthy when tempted with restaurant after restaurant and dish after dish of delicious foreign food that you might never get the chance to try again. It’s hard to go out by yourself and not feel judged. It’s hard to find your way around a different city every few days. It’s hard to hike to the tops of mountains and volcanoes. It’s hard to get that perfect selfie angle. It’s hard to meet and befriend people when moving around so much. It’s hard to be outgoing all the time. It’s hard not to be completely exhausted after walking 8 hours a day and planning for 4 more. It’s hard to prioritize where you want to go and what you want to do within a limited time frame when you want to see absolutely everything. Traveling is hard. Traveling is worth it.


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